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  Laws on the judiciary

Law on the Judiciary

Law on the Legal Status of Judges

Law on Court Administration

Law on the Legal Status of Lawyers

Law on Mediation

Law on the Legal Status of Citizens’ Representatives to Court

Law on the Establishment of Courts

  Development strategies of the judiary

New Management Program of the Judiciary

Social Welfare Program for Judges and Court Staff

Development Program for Court Human Resources

Courts and the Public Program

Mid-Term Investment Program of Courts

Judicial Training Program

  Innovation in the judiciary of mongolia

Open and transparent courts

Analysis of judicial decisions

Integrated case flow management programs for administrative and civil proceedings

Court video-teleconferencing facilities enables the parties to appear at court sessions remotely

Mediators contributed to reduce the courts’ high caseload

Established the Judicial Data Centre and launched the Judicial Network connecting all courts with high-speed internet

The salary fund of judges increased by 15 billion tögrögs from the fiscal year of 2014

Judicial selection based on information technology