Born in Altanbulag soum of Selenge province.

Graduated National University of Mongolia in 1982 with Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

Acquired Master’s Degree in Law.

1973-1980: Laboratory worker, Secondary School No.45 of Ulaanbaatar;

1980-1982: Court secretariat, Court of Octyabor District;

1982-1992: Judge, Court of Workers District;

1992-1993: Chief of Sukhbaatar District Court;

1993-2015: Judge, Supreme Court of Mongolia;

2013.6.28-up to date: Chairperson of the Mediation Council.

Elected Chairperson of the Mediation Council on February 10, 2020 with the majority vote of the members of the Mediation Council.




1986: Intern, Court of Bayankhongor Province

1987: Court secretariat, Court of Bayankhongor Province

1988: Judge, Court No.1 of Bayankhongor Province

1993: Judge, Court of Appeal of Bayankhongor Province

1999: Officer, Directorate for Policy Coordination, Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs

2000: Assistant to Judge, Secretariat of the Supreme Court of Mongolia

2002: Judge, Court of Capital City  

2013: Judge, Civil Court of Appeal No.10 of Capital City

2015: Judge, Civil Court of Appeal of Capital City  




2000: Court Secretariat, Court of Appeal of Capital City  

2008: Officer responsible for Internal Organization, Supreme Court of Mongolia

2009: Assistant to Judge-Analyst, Supreme Court of Mongolia

2012: Assistant to Chief of Civil Chamber, Supreme Court of Mongolia

2013: Judge, Court of Bayangol District  

2016: Chief Judge, Civil Court of First Instance of Bayangol District





2004: Legal Advisor, Arbugat Impex LLC

2005: Coordinator, Citizen Representative Office /City Council/ of Orkhon Province

2006: Legal Advisor, Legal Department, Provincial Government of Orkhon Province

2008: Advocate of the Association of Mongolian Advocates




  DORJSUREN Dorjnamjin

1994: Computer Operator, School of Computer, Technology and Information of the University of Science and Technology

1999: Teacher, Tsetsee Gun College  

2000: Teacher, School of Computer, Technology and Information of the University of Science and Technology

2007: Director of DHPN LLC

2005: Consultant, Mercy Corps Mongolia

2006: Director of Administrative Office of Mac Corporation

2006: Sales Manager, Unitel Corporation

2009: Consultant, EBRD project

2010: Consultant, Blomnfo Mongolia LLC project of Millennium Challenge Account  

2010: Lawyer, Zov Law Firm

2013: Advocate of the Association of Mongolian Advocates




Extracted from the Law on Mediation...


Article 10. Mediation Council

10.1. The General Council of Courts shall establish an adjunct “Council” (hereinafter referred to as “Council”) to select, license mediators and organize continual education for mediators.

10.2. The Council shall consist of five individuals including judges, attorneys and analysts.

10.3. The General Council of Courts shall approve the design of forms for mediator’s petition, agreement and notice.

Article 11. The Powers of Council

11.1. The Council shall exercise the following rights:

11.1.1. to govern codes and conducts of mediators, workplace standards, determine cost, payment and promotion for mediators and oversea the implementation of the rules;

11.1.2. to develop training program for preparing and retraining of mediators and to organize training;

11.1.3. to select mediators and certify them;

11.1.4. to register mediators and announce certified list with the names to the public;

11.1.5. to suspend license, remove from the name list and to revoke certificates; and

11.1.6. to establish procedures of the Council meeting.

11.2. the Council shall offer mediator’s name list to governmental and non-governmental organizations, and professional associations.

11.3. An organization specified in the provision 8 of this Law and the General Council of Courts shall select and register a mediator from the name list offered by the Council and provide an opportunity to work according to the relevant procedure.