Profession: Engineer, technician, lawyer

1993-1998: Engineer and technician, University of Science and Technology;

2005-2008: Law, National Intelligence Academy;

2008-2010: Public Management, National Academy of Governance;

2016-2017: Public Administration, National Academy of Governance. 


1999-2000: Technician, National Archive;  

2000-2003: Analyst, Office of the Health and Infection of the Capital City;

2003-2009: State Inspections Officer, Inspections Office;

2009-2012: Executive Director-General, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry;

2013-2014: Chairman of the Board, Food and agricultural science and research institute NGO;  

2014:           Officer at the Secretariat of the Parliament of Mongolia;  

2014-2016: Director-General, Directorate for Public Administration of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture;

2016-2018: Director for Administration for Inter-Aimag Otor Pastureland Sse and Coordination of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry;  

2018.09.17-up to now: Executive Secretary General of the Judicial General Council of Mongolia.




Extracted from the Law on Court Administration...


Article 14. Administrative office of the General Council

14.1. The Judicial General Council shall have it administrative office with functions to provide assistance to its own members in executing their duties, and to ensure regular operations of the General Council, and its executive secretary shall be in charge of day- to-day management of the administrative office.

14.2. The General Council shall determine its own structure and organization, and operation of its administrative office shall be regulated by the prescribed regulation.

14.3. The executive secretary of the administrative office shall act as a general manager of the General Council, and shall exercise the following powers:

 14.3.1. Provide the daily management to the administrative office;

            14.3.2. Appoint and release a staff member of the administrative office;

14.3.3. Administer the budget expenditure of the administrative office, and report on thereof;

14.3.4. Present to and be accountable for the operational reports of the administrative office to the General Council;

            14.3.5. Other powers as prescribed by law.

14.4. The General Council shall use a seal, a stamp and an official letterhead for made under the prescribed design.


Extracted from the Procedure of the Administrative Office of the Judicial General Council…

Article 14. Power of the Executive Secretary General

14.1. The Executive Secretary General shall assist the General Council in executing their powers and provide daily management to the Administrative Office;

14.2. Communicate and cooperate with the State Great Khural (Parliament), Government and other related organizations on behalf of the General Council as assigned by the Chairman of the General Council and participate and express its stand at the plenary sessions of the State Great Khural (Parliament), its standing committees and government sessions;

14.3. Directly communicate and cooperate with the Institute of the General Council, have the required training, research and information developed that shall assist the Administrative Office and to coordinate the communication channel of the Institute with the Administrative Office;

14.4. The Executive Secretary General shall be the general budget manager of the Administrative Office of the General Council. Also, will make the decision on funding of implementing the Institute’s activities in a normal and continuous manner and monitor the expenses;  

14.5. Shall approve and follow the approved list, number, class and type of civil administrative and service servants of the Administrative Office and the Institute within the structure, number of staff limit, budget and salary scale approved by the General Council;   

14.6. To appoint, release, lower position, transfer position, rotate, award, take disciplinary measures, dismiss from civil service, give temporary leave, terminate pursuant to relevant laws; 

14.7. To prepare necessary information to appoint the chairman of the Judicial Qualifications Committee, Judicial Ethics Committee, the director of the Institute and the Secretariat of Courts and introduce it to the General Council;

14.8. To ensure Court Secretariat at all level follow the laws on judiciary, provide supervision and to introduce and for the General Council to make decisions on the proposals on disciplinary measure to give Court Secretariats;

14.9. To make results based agreements with main Directorates and monitor and evaluate the results based agreements the Director-Generals make with their staff;

14.10. To manage the budget towards fulfilling the strategic plan of the organization;

14.11. To coordinate cooperation of the General Council with government and non-governmental organizations, to receive petitions, complaints, information and recommendations sent to the General Council and make decision within its powers and when necessary introduce it to the General Council and have them make decision;

14.12. To plan, organize, provide preparations of the trips to the rural areas of the Chairman and Members of the General Council, prepare the tasks to be given by the Chairman of the General Council, make the meeting minutes, legitimize it, develop and implement action plans borne from the visits;  

14.13. To prepare, train, retrain, and organize activities to provide normal working conditions, social guarantee pursuant to laws and regulations and when necessary, cooperate with other organizations;

14.14. To have the annual plan and annual report of the Administrative Office discussed at the General Council sessions and have it approved by the Chairman of the General Council and approve the internal documents such as the code of conduct, job description and position reference of the Administrative Office;  

14.15. To monitor the staff of the Administrative Office’s performance, time management, discipline, protection of official secrets;

14.16. The Executive Secretary General will issue Orders within its power;

14.18. The Executive Secretary General will report to the Chairman of the General Council.