Complaints procedure


A citizen, official and/or legal entity is entitled to file a complaint to the Mongolian Judicial Ethics Committee if they believe a judge has violated the Judges Code of Conduct and for ethical misconduct.


What is a judge’s ethical misconduct?

According to the “Judges Code of Conduct” approved on February 28, 2014 by the Judges Committee at the Mongolian Bars Association, a judge’s ethical misconduct is when a judge violates the articles set forth in laws prescribed as ethical misconduct and action and inactions violating the judge’s ethical procedure. 

An error or mistake of a judge regarding his/her expertise, skills, experience during adjudication shall not be considered an ethical misconduct.


Complaints to the Judicial Ethics Committee?

The Judicial Ethics Committee will review and make decisions of complaints regarding ethical misconduct except for judges’ professional activities.


The complaint to the Judicial Ethics Committee shall fulfil the following criteria:

Clearly specify which article and/or clause of law and judges’ ethics procedure was violated;

To write the name, address and post office box number, phone number and signature of the complainant clearly;

To clearly mention the judge’s name and attach the relevant evidence to the complaint.